~*Little Update*~

Hey my dears ♥

How is everybody doing?

Sorry for being so quiet lately. I’m gonna change this and post more often 🙂

So, there were quiet a few things happening. On 15.08 I got my owl!

WHAT a feeling!! Finally I could go to Hogwarts. But first I had to go to Diagon Ally of course. But when I got there I couldn’t find my list with the things I had to buy. I was so shocked darlings!!! I searched everywhere! And then I found it lying on the street. I must have dropped it somehow.

Then – SHOPPING time!! I bought the books, potion ingredients and Robes. And of course I can bring an animal with me. I choose an beautiful white cat and named her Princess. My little Diva ♥

And last but not least I visited Olivander to get my wand. I was SO nervous. And then I held it in my hand

  • Length: 10 in
  • Wood: Redwood
  • Core: Unicorn
  • Flexibility: Slightly Yielding

I’m SO happy with it.

And then…then I went to Hogwarts. It’s so wonderful!! And at the beginning of course there is the sorting!!  I must admit I was kind of…shocked. The sorting hat put me into:

I was placed into HUFFLEPUFF!! The house of the badger. I really never thought this could happen. But…I think I like it. I kind of like the thought to be just and loyal. The only sad part is that we’re so extrem behind in the Housecup. We’re on last place and about 500 points behind the 3rd placed Gryffindor. And over 1.000 points behind the first placed Ravenclaw.

But oh well…we’ll fight till the end. GO PUFFS!!

I guess that were all news!

Stay tuned Darlings

xoxo ♥


~*Muggles are strange*~

Oh well…STILL waiting for my letter from Hogwarts. C’mon now…MOVE YOUR AS…ahem…OWLS already!!

Anyway darlings. I want to talk about an interesting invention of the muggles. It’s called ‘Twitter’. Normally I am not really into these muggle things. But this one quite caught my attention. It’s some kind of…well…micro blog where people can come together, chat and just share their thoughts.

I decided to join it, and I was like ‘WOW!’! There are some very uniqe persons online there. They call themselfes ‘Potterheads’ (what ever THAT means…) and talk about ‘Pottermore’ ‘OwlWatch2011’ ‘Welcome E-Mails’ and so on and so on. And they talk A LOT! Like if-you’re-away-for-just-one-second-you-have-missed-out-the-whole-conversation a lot. The so called ‘TimeLine’ or ‘TL’ just won’t stop moving. I totally got confused right after the first minutes.

Anyway…I guess those people are wishing to be witches and wizards and go to Hogwarts just like us. Apparently someone called JK Rowling wrote some Book about an Boy-Wizard called Harry Potter and they all love it. God knows WHO gave the informations about Hogwarts to this woman. Now there is some websited called ‘pottermore’ that mimicks to be our Hogwarts. Seriously…what do they think huh *pouts* Hogwarts is for US! Not something they can play with or pretend to be in. Muggles…so typical…

I’m going to observe those so called ‘potterheads’. Especially the ‘pottermorefamily’. Who knows if they can get dangerous for us magical people? There are even some people there that call themselfes ‘Marauders’. Can you believe it?

xoxo Misty~ ♥

~*Oh welcome letter where are thou?*~


Oh my dear darlings, this witch here is getting really annoyed!

Why does Hogwarts mock me so bad eh?

I’m waiting since the 31rst of July to be able to enter this school. But all I get to hear is ‘Wait some more’. Seriously Professors…I would be scolded if I would tell you the same about a paper that is due today! And who is the one that has to get everything on the list in just a few hours or so? Right – poor little me hast to literally jogg through Diagon Ally then!! Thanks for this *pouts*

So…now for some more *coughs*patiently*coughs* waiting!

xoxo Misty~ ♥

~*I’m magical*~

So, now I’m officially magical ♥
I’m a witch x3

I know that some bad tongues will say “Oh we knew that already Missy!!” but PLEASEas if I would care at all darlings~
Anyway…I now have to wait a bit till my Welcome letter arrives.
I’ll keep you guys updated about my adventures in the magical world of Hogwarts.

Hope it won’t take too long till I get there!

xoxo – Misty~

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